Open Letters to KRXQ Sacramento


Parents of Gender Non-Conforming Children Speak Out For Tolerance

About this Blog

This blog was constructed by the members of the CNMC support group email list for gender non-conforming children. The support group consists of families from across the country, united by the common experience of raising gender non conforming children. Many of our children identify as transgender; many of our children do not.

We encourage parents who are concerned about their children’s gender behaviors to download the CNMC brochure and read it. The reality is that families with gender non-conforming children must learn to live with ambiguity. These children may or may not one day seek GRS and hormone therapy. These children may or may not one day identify as gay. It is a stressful situation, exacerbated by  intolerance.

Many families find partial accommodations the only practical solution. Dressing up at home, more normative presentation outside the home. Some families in supportive communities allow more public presentation.

There’s a great deal of information on transgender adults available on the web; information concerning gender-non-conforming children (transgender or not) is harder to find. In part, this site exists to provider a pointer to the CNMC, and to other groups seeking to increase the public’s understanding of our children.


5 Responses

  1. Patti Boman says:

    I sent these emails to all the companies that have not pulled their advertising yet:

    This is a copy of the email I sent KRXQ radio, I can’t believe you can continue to advertise with them after such a disgraceful program, they will have blood on their hands with such type of programming and I as a bussiness owner would not like to be associated with them, how about you?
    “I can’t believe that you have such ignorant people with a radio show! you just can’t allow that kind of irresponsible radio shows, they can cause the death of our transgender children.
    I Demand that KRXQ Radio Hosts Rob Williams and Arnie States publicly apologize and take back their remarks. It is irresponsible and harmful. If they don’t know anything about the subject they should just abstain from making such hateful remarks. Because some people are not exactly like you it does not mean they are wrong or bad. We are all God’s children and I pray that you don’t cause more harm to others with these remarks.”

    Thank you,
    Patti Boman a PFLAG Mom
    Parents Family and friends of Lesbians and Gays

    • paulackerman says:

      Thanks your note. I posted it under ‘letters from PFLAG members. I need to ad PFLAG to the resources page too.

  2. David Oliver says:

    You have listed Albertsons and SUPERVALU on your web site in error. We do not operate in the Sacramento market and do not advertise on KRXQ. In June 2006, SUPERVALU acquired Albertsons in Southern CA, Las Vegas and certain states in the Pacific Northwest. Cerberus acquired Albertsons in Northern CA including Sacramento. Those stores were sold to Save-Mart about two years ago. There are no stores Albertsons stores in Northern CA period. SUPERVALU has no business relations with KRXQ. Please remove David Oliver, Steve Bloomquist, SUPERVALU and Albertsons from your web site.

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