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Parents of Gender Non-Conforming Children Speak Out For Tolerance

Why wait till thursday? KRXQ Crocodile Tears? Reposted from a GLAAD comment thread

There are some who are questioning the timing of Rob and Arnie’s planned Thursday apology to the gender non-conforming community. Why wait till Thursday?

We thought this was worth considering. This is from the comment thread below the article.

Hey Meko…and everyone….they definitely will not resign. This isn’t big enough (sorry to say) for that. Same building a couple of years ago, a woman died at a radio station promotion (not on Krxq, but another station under same ownership). That was big enough to get the morning show fired.

This time, I think their apology will be sincere, BUT….Thursday? This is typically the biggest ratings day of any week for radio stations. The reason is kinda old and long, but just know, if someone is going to give KRXQ a ratings boost, it will come on a thursday. This is why they are “self governing themselves” to wait until Thursday.

So there is only some sincerity in their efforts. Not 100% real. And given Arnie’s continued gay bashing and misunderstanding of the alternative lifestyle that happens that is sprinkled throughout the year, doubtful this will be the last gay, lesbian, or tg incident from them!


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2 Responses

  1. Kelli Busey says:

    Keep the pressure on full

    They attacked and dehumanized GLBT people the past decade and possibly longer. The recent attack on children was too much for people of conscious to abide.

    The radio stations KRXQ and KDOT which they broadcast on lost much of it’s financial support due to the grass roots firestorm.

    I am still receiving emails from image conscious corporations today…. Read More

    According the broadcast that got them in trouble they stated that transgender children would be rejected humiliated and physically abused because people had moral standards.

    This sudden understanding and embracing of decency is extremly abrupt.

    Are they sorry that they said something that is so offensive it elicited that response, or have they suddenly discovered they have moral fiber?

  2. Scott Marlowe says:

    While I question their sincerity, I do not question their timing. Waiting until the largest listening audience is listening is a GOOD THING because it means there will be more people hearing them and their guests.

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