Open Letters to KRXQ Sacramento


Parents of Gender Non-Conforming Children Speak Out For Tolerance

From a Mom of a 28 year old in Kansas; about an end to anger and sadness

I loved my little charmer, my Boy Scout, my military veteran. But that child was prone to a sadness that could not be assuaged and to an anger that seemed to have no reason or end. After counseling, that sad, angry shell opened and out stepped a beautiful young woman with sparkling eyes and a happy smile. My little charmer is back – only the name and the packaging have changed. She is happy and productive. For what more can a parent ask?

I admit I don’t fully understand how this happened; even she says she does not, either. No one “chooses” to do this on a whim; it is an inner imperative that chooses this path for transgender children and adults.

My child is grown, yes, but I know, and support, a legion of parents whose own little charmers have vocalized their transgender states as young children. These parents are heroic – fighting, surviving, sometimes winning, battles that would turn your hair green. They are trying to educate society to accept differences. These victories don’t just help their own children. They help all children – even yours. Bullying and violence are blind, hitting anyone and impacting everyone. All children are at risk of being hurt by them.

You don’t understand these people, do you? You have stated that you would actually welcome violence against your own children if they did not fit some societal mold. Young girls and boys have been killed and hounded to suicide for not being feminine or masculine, whatever those terms mean. Would you really face a parent of one of those children and tell them you were happy about the violence that caused their child’s death?

Humans lash out with violence for two reasons – one is survival, the other is fear. Our transgender citizens, children and adult, do not threaten your survival in any possible way. Therefore, your diatribe against them must have come from fear. Of what are you afraid? Your own manhood, perhaps? After all, you only spoke of what you would do to a son that was transgender but nothing about a daughter that wanted to become a man. What petty, ignorant, sexist little men you both must be to be so fearful of difference.

Two old bits of advice would hold you in good stead – “Do unto others as you would have other do unto you,” and “Walk a mile in my shoes.”

Loving mom of new, grown daughter


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