Open Letters to KRXQ Sacramento


Parents of Gender Non-Conforming Children Speak Out For Tolerance

Bank of America Dumps KRXQ

Bank of America becomes the forth sponsor to pull out of KRXQ over the Transgender Child Abuse Show. (aka The Rob, Arnie and sadly-blameless Dawn show.)

We are having an impact!

As Kim Pearson says, this is the Transkid family’s Stonewall moment.

These guys figured we were on such fragile ice, that they could call us, the parents of non-conforming children, rotten worthless, weak and crazy—and get away with it. They didn’t need to apologize. Plenty of GLB people themselves are a bit concerned about us. Gender identity isn’t sexual preference, and being a victim of persecution doesn’t make you immune from persecuting others.

We thank everyone who has written a letter, who has shared this site, it’s contents, this story.

Keep the pressure on.

Children’s lives hang in the balance.


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One Response

  1. TDGutierrez says:

    Carl’s Jr just pulled their advertising too.

    Dear Concerned Reader,

    Thank you for your email. We have pulled all of our ads from KXRQ. We did this as soon as the matter was brought to our attention.

    We appreciate your concern and thank you for contacting CKE Restaurants on this matter.


    CKE, Public Relations

    Guest Response Line: (877) 799-7827

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